Lab Topics

Electrochemistry and Corrosion Lab.

The research interest of the Electrochemistry and Corrosion Laboratory range from synthesis of materials by electrochemical and sol-gel methods and particles coating for corrosion protection to preparation of advanced materials from solid waste such as advanced silica-based materials from bagasse ash.

Expertise and Research Interest

  1.  Preparation of particles by electrochemical method. Current works are dealing with preparation of magnetite and SiO2-coated magnetite nanoparticles (ferromagnetic/superparamagnetic) for use in anode materials for Li-ion battery, catalyst, etc. and hydroxyapatite (for bio-implant of dental and bones).
  2. Preparation advanced silica-based materials from silica-containing solid waste (bagasse ash, geothermal sludge) and sodium silicate: (i) silica aerogel using ambient pressure drying technique (for hydrogen storage), (ii) amine-grafted SiO2 for acid gas (CO2 and H2S) adsorbent, (iii) silica-based membrane for substitute proton exchange membrane, (iv) pore expanded SiO2 gel by templating (gelating, PEG).
  3. Surface coating of materials for corrosion protection and self-cleaning: (i) electrophoretic deposition of silica on metals, (ii) anodizing of metals (magnetite formation on steel), (iii) hydrophobic coating of glass using modified silica, etc.

The works are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of research and Technology, and Japan Science and Cooperation Agency (JICA) through JICA-Predict2, and grant-in-aid from ITS. We also receive support from some companies, e.g., PT. Trans Jawa Sulawesi, PT. Petrokimia Gresik for providing urea and steel plate, and PT. PQ Silica Indonesia for water glass.

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