The field of chemical engineering has broadened from the traditional one, that typically based on petroleum and petrochemical industries, to be an interdisciplinary area. We aim to advance chemical engineering education through advanced research in electrochemical engineering, materials engineering and particle technology by addressing issues on materials processing for energy, biomedical, environmental and agriculture. We conduct research on designing advanced functional materials from natural resources and solid wastes through electrochemical, freeze drying, sol-gels, electrospinning methods or the combination of them. We also do research on chemical (and electrochemical) reactor design.

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M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Sulfonated carbon aerogel derived from coir fiber as high performance solid acid catalyst for esterification,” Advanced Powder Technology (2020). DOI: 10.1016/j.apt.2020.01.022

P. Nurlilasari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Novel monopolar arrangement of multiple iron electrodes for the large-scale production of magnetite nanoparticles for electrochemical reactors,” Advanced Powder Technology (2020). DOI: 10.1016/j.apt.2019.12.043

M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, R. Balgis, H. Setyawan, “Production of cellulose aerogels from coir fibers via an alkali‒urea method for sorption applications,” Cellulose, 26(18) 9583-9598 (2019). read and share

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