The field of chemical engineering has broadened from the traditional one, that based on petroleum and petrochemical industries, to be an interdisciplinary area. We aim to advance chemical engineering education through advanced research in electrochemical engineering and particle technology by addressing issues on materials processing for energy, biomedical, environmental and agriculture.

We conduct research on the synthesis and designing functional materials by electrochemical, spray drying (pyrolysis), freeze drying and sol-gel methods. The functional materials can be in the form of particles, nanostructure or highly porous materials as well as thin film on a surface. We are also working on the recovery of valuable materials from solid waste (including biomass) and convert them into advanced functional materials (e.g., silica from bagasse ash and geothermal sludge for silica aerogel, amine-grafted silica for CO2 adsorbent, sulfonated-silica for esterification catalyst). We process coconut shell for graphite and graphene; coconut coir for cellulose aerogels and highly porous carbon aerogel); designing of electrocatalyst for ORR based on oxides of transition metals and metal-free (N-doped carbon), and so on.

Latest Publications

M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, R. Balgis, H. Setyawan, “Production of cellulose aerogels from coir fibers via an alkali‒urea method for sorption applications,” Cellulose, 26(18) 9583-9598 (2019). (read and share here)

P. Nurlilasari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, F. Faizal, M. Wada, I. W. Lenggoro, “High-throughput production of magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the monopolar arrangement of iron electrodes in water,” Chemical Engineering Science, 201, 112-120 (2019). Link


H. Setyawan, W. Widiyastuti, “Progress in the Preparation of Magnetite Nanoparticles through the Electrochemical Method,” KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 36, 145-155 (2019). Link

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