Refereed Journal Articles

List until 2006

Review Papers

  1. H. Setyawan, J. Juliananda, W. Widiyastuti, Engineering Materials to Enhance Light-to-Heat Conversion for Efficient Solar Water Purification, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 61(49) 17783-17800 (2022). DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.2c03170
  2. H. Setyawan, W. Widiyastuti, “Progress in the Preparation of Magnetite Nanoparticles through the Electrochemical Method,” KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 36, 145-155 (2019). DOI: 10.14356/kona.2019011

Original Research Papers 2007 –

  1. L. J. Mawarani, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, Foams stabilized with silica nanoparticles derived from sodium silicate for gas well liquid unloading, Chemical Papers (2023). DOI: 10.1007/s11696-023-02690-x Read
  2. D. B. Kautsar, M. F. Rois, N. Faizah, W. Widiyastuti, T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Agents from Avocado (Persea americana) Seed Extract Encapsulated in Gum Arabic through Spray Drying Method, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 67(1), pp. 161–171 (2023). DOI : 10.3311/PPch.20698
  3. H. Setyawan, M. Fauziyah, H. S. S. Tomo, W. Widiyastuti, T. Nurtono, Fabrication of hydrophobic cellulose aerogel from renewable biomass coir fibers for oil spillage clean-up, Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 30, 5228-5238 (2022). DOI: 10.1007/s10924-022-02591-2 View & download pdf
  4. H. A. Ajiz, A.A. Albar, W. Widiyastuti, T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, I. M. Joni, High Surface Area Silica Particles Using Anionic Surfactant Template Prepared by One-step Spray Drying System for Dye Removal Application, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 66(4), 585-595 (2022). DOI: 10.3311/PPch.19730
  5. M. F. Rois, S. R. A. Sasono, W. Widiyastuti, T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, High-performance electrocatalyst made from lignosulfonate nanofiber composited with manganese dioxide without carbonation process, Advanced Powder Technology, 33(5), 103572 (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.apt.2022.103572
  6. H. Purwaningsih, N.M.I.P Suari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, Preparation of rGO/MnO2 Composites through Simultaneous Graphene Oxide Reduction by Electrophoretic Deposition, ACS Omega, 7, 8, 6760-6767 (2022). DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.1c06297
  7. V.A. Setyowati, M. F. Rois, W. Widiyastuti, S. Nurkhamidah, N. Saidatin, M. F. Febrianto, Comparative Study of Single and Bimetal-Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Prepared by Polymerization and Direct Pyrolysis, Results in Engineering, 13(1), 100332 (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.rineng.2022.100332
  8. S. Julaika, A. F. Fadli, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, Sulfonated mesoporous silica-carbon composite derived from a silicate-polyethylene glycol gel and its application as solid acid catalysts, Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, 17(1), 13-21 (2022). DOI: 10.9767/bcrec.17.1.11795.13-21
  9. T. A. Cevanti, N. S. P. Sari, S. I. Isnaini, M. F. Rois, H. Setyawan, A. Soetojo, I. Widjiastuti, Cellulose Fiber from Coconut Coir for Development of Dental Composite Filler, Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 14(4), 1401-1406 (2021). Link
  10. M. F. Rois, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, A. M. Rahmatika, T. Ogi, Preparation of Activated Carbon from Alkali Lignin using Novel One-Step Process for High Electrochemical Performance Application, Arabian Journal of Chemistry 14(6), 103162 (2021). DOI: 10.1016/j.arabjc.2021.103162
  11. M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Nitrogen-doped carbon aerogels prepared by the direct pyrolysis of cellulose aerogels derived from coir fibers using an ammonia-urea system and their electrocatalytic performance toward the oxygen reduction reaction,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 59, 21371−21382 (2020). DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.0c03771
  12. W. Widiyastuti, M. F. Rois, N. M. I. P. Suari, H. Setyawan, “Activated carbon nanofibers derived from coconut shell charcoal for dye removal application,” Advanced Powder Technology, 31, 3267-3273 (2020). DOI:10.1016/j.apt.2020.06.012 Free Download
  13. M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Sulfonated carbon aerogel derived from coir fiber as high performance solid acid catalyst for esterification,” Advanced Powder Technology, 31, 1412-1419 (2020). DOI: 10.1016/j.apt.2020.01.022 Free Download
  14. P. Nurlilasari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Novel monopolar arrangement of multiple iron electrodes for the large-scale production of magnetite nanoparticles for electrochemical reactors,” Advanced Powder Technology, 31, 1160-1168 (2020). DOI: 10.1016/j.apt.2019.12.043 Free Download
  15. F. Fahmi, N. A. A. Dewayanti, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, Preparation of porous graphene-like material from coconut shell charcoals for supercapacitors, Cogent Engineering, 7, 1748962 (2020). DOI: 10.1080/23311916.2020.1748962
  16. F. Fahmi, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, “Graphitization of Coconut Shell Charcoal for Sulfonated Mesoporous Carbon Catalyst Preparation and its Catalytic Behavior in Esterification Reaction, Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis 5 (2), 538-544(2020). Link
  17. W. Widiyastuti, M. F. Rois, H. Setyawan, S. Machmudah, D. Anggoro, “Carbonization of Lignin Extracted from Liquid Waste of Coconut Coir Delignification, Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, 20(4), 842-849 (2020). DOI: 10.22146/ijc.46484
  18. H. A. Ajiz, L. J. Mawarani, Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, Peningkatan stabilitas busa dengan nanofluida silika untuk meningkatkan produksi gas alam, Berkala Saintek 8(1), 6-10 (2020). DOI: 10.19184/bst.v8i1.15401
  19. M. Fauziyah, W. Widiyastuti, R. Balgis, H. Setyawan, “Production of cellulose aerogels from coir fibers via an alkali‒urea method for sorption applications,” Cellulose, 26(18) 9583-9598 (2019). DOI: 10.1007/s1570–019-02753-x (Download here)
  20. P. Nurlilasari, W. Widiyastuti, H. Setyawan, F. Faizal, M. Wada, I. W. Lenggoro, “High-throughput production of magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the monopolar arrangement of iron electrodes in water,” Chemical Engineering Science, 201,112-120 (2019). Link
  21. M. Mahmudi, W. Widiyastuti, P. Nurlilasari, S. Affandi, H. Setyawan, “Manganese dioxide nanoparticles synthesized by electrochemical method and its catalytic activity towards oxygen reduction reaction,” Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 126(11), 906-913 (2018). Link
  22. H. Setyawan, W. Widiyastuti, M. Mahmudi, M.D. Pusfitasari, “Silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles prepared by the one-step electrochemical method for dye removal,” Journal of Powder Technology and Advanced Functional Materials, 1(1), 1-11 (2018). Link
  23. S. Machmudah, S. D. Lestari, Widiyastuti, Wahyudiono, H. Kanda, S. Winardi, M. Goto, “Subcritical water extraction enhancement by adding deep eutectic solvent for extracting xanthone from mangosteen pericarps”, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 133, Part 2, 615-624 (2018). Link
  24. R. Balgis, W. Widiyastuti, T. Ogi, K. Okuyama, “Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of Pt/3D hierarchical bimodal macroporous carbon nanospheres”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(28), 23792-23799 (2017). Link
  25. W. Widiyastuti, S. Machmudah, T. Nurtono, S. Winardi, R. Balgis, T. Ogi, K. Okuyama, “Morphology and optical properties synthesized by solvothermal method”, Chemical Engineering Transactions 56(1), 955-960 (2017). Link
  26. S. Machmudah, W. Widiyastuti, S. Winardi, Wahyudiono, H. Kanda, M. Goto, “Sub- and supercritical fluids extraction of phytochemical compounds from Eucheuma cottonii and Gracilaria sp.”, Chemical Engineering Transactions 56(1), 1291-1296 (2017). Link
  27. W. Widiyastuti, S. Machmudah, T. Nurtono, S. Winardi, Effects of duration of ultrasonic irradiation and the atmospheric environment on the characteristics of ZnO nanostructures via a sonochemical method, International Journal of Technology, 7(6), 981-988 (2016). Link
  28. A. Nur, H. Setyawan, An experimental and theoretical investigation of the formation of hydroxyapatite particles prepared by an electrochemical method, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 49(2), 144-151 (2016). Link
  29. H. Setyawan, M. Yuwana, R. Balgis, PEG-templated mesoporous silicas using silicate precursor and their applications in desiccant dehumidification cooling systems, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 218, 95-100 (2015). Link
  30. N.A. Rahman, I. Widhiana, S.R. Juliastuti, H. Setyawan, Synthesis of mesoporous silica with controlled pore structure from bagasse ash as a silica source, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 476, 1-7 (2015). Link
  31. S. Machmudah, R. Zulhijah, W. Diono, H. Setyawan, H. Kanda, M. Goto, Magnetite film on mild steel formed by hydrothermal electrolysis for corrosion prevention, Chemical Engineering Journal, 268, 76-85 (2015). Link
  32. S. Muljani, H. Setyawan, G. Wibawa, A. Altway, A facile method for the production of high-surface area mesoporous silica gels from geothermal sludge, Advanced Powder Technology, 25, 1593–1599 (2014). Link
  33. N. Nazriati, H. Setyawan, S. Affandi, M. Yuwana, S. Winardi, Using bagasse ash as a silica source when preparing silica aerogels via ambient pressure drying, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 400, 6-11 (2014). Link
  34. H. Setyawan, F. Fajaroh, M.D. Pusfitasari, M. Yuwana, S. Affandi, A facile method to prepare high-purity magnetite nanoparticles by electro-oxidation of iron in water using a pulsed direct current, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 9, 768-774 (2014). Link
  35. W. Widiyastuti, A. Setiawan, S. Winardi, T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, Particle formation of hydroxyapatite precursor containing two components in a spray pyrolysis system, Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering, 8, 104-113 (2014). Link
  36. A. Nur, H. Setyawan, A. Widjaja, I.W. Lenggoro, Electrochemical processes for the formation of hydroxyapatite powders, Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, 9, 168-175 (2014). Link
  37. W. Widiyastuti, I. Maula, T. Nurtono, F. Taufany, S. Machmudah, S. Winardi, C. Panatarani, Preparation of zinc oxide/silica nanocomposite particles via consecutive sol-gel flame-assisted spray-drying methods, Chemical Engineering Journal, 254, 252-258 (2014). Link
  38. T. Ogi, N. Tajima, R. Balgis, H. Setyawan, K. Okuyama, Influence of formic acid on the electrochemical properties of high porosity Pt/TiN nanoparticles aggregate synthesised via self-assembly assisted spray pyrolysis, AIChE Journal, 59, 2753–2760 (2013). Link
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  41. H. Setyawan, F. Fajaroh, W. Widiyastuti, S. Winardi, I.W. Lenggoro, N. Mufti, One-step synthesis of silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles by electrooxidation of iron in sodium silicate solution, Journal of Nanoparticle Resesarch, 14, 807:1-9 (2012). Link
  42. F. Fajaroh, H. Setyawan, W.Widiyastuti, S. Winardi, Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles by surfactant-free electrochemical method in an aqueous system, Advanced Powder Technology, 23, 328-333 (2012). Link
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  45. Ni Made Intan Putri Suari, H. Setyawan, Coating Steel with Nanosilica by Pulsed Direct Current Electrophoresis for Corrosion Protection, Advanced Materials Research, 896, 578-581 (2014). Link
  46. Z.M. Putrie, H. Setyawan, Preparation of Sulfonate-Grafted Silica/Chitosan-based Proton Exchange Membrane, Advanced Materials Research, 896, 54-57 (2014). Link
  47. E. Setyowati, S.F. Amalia, Nazriati, S. Affandi, M. Yuwana, H, Setyawan, Hydrophobic silica coating based on waterglass on copper by electrophoretic deposition, Appl. Mech. Mater. (Vol. Adv. Appl. Mech. Mater.), 493, 749-754 (2014). Link
  48. Nazriati, H. Setyawan, S. Winardi, R. Arizanova, Enggar Eka V., Synthesis of silica aerogel from bagasse ash (in Indonesian), Reaktor, 13, 220-224 (2011). Link
  49. W. Widiyastuti, A. Purwanto, W.-N. Wang, F. Iskandar, H. Setyawan, K. Okuyama, Nanoparticle Formation Through Solid-Fed Flame Synthesis: Experiment and Modeling, AIChE J., 55, 885-895 (2009). Link
  50. T. Nurtono, H. Setyawan, A. Altway, S.Winardi, Macro-instability characteristic in agitated tank based on floe visualization experiment and large eddy simulation, Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 87, 923-942 (2009). Link
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  52. R. Balgis, H. Setyawan, Synthesis of porous silica by dual templating system method (in Indonesian), Jurnal Nanosains and Nanoteknologi, Special Ed., 13-18 (2009).
  53. F. Fajaroh, H. Setyawan, S. Winardi, Widiyastuti, W. Raharjo, E. Sentosa, Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles by a simple electrochemical method (in Indonesian), Jurnal Nanosains and Nanoteknologi, Special Ed., 13-18 (2009).
  54. H. Setyawan, M. Yuwana, G. Wibawa, A simple and low energy method to for producing silica gel from bagasse ash (in Indonesian), Jurnal Industri, 6, 189-197 (2007).



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