Publications (- 2006)

List 2007 –

  1. N. Kashihara, H. Setyawan, M. Shimada, Y. Hayashi, C.S. Kim, K. Okuyama, S. Winardi, Suppression of particle generation in a plasma process using a sine-wave modulated rf plasma, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 8, 395-403 (2006). Link
  2. H. Setyawan, M. Shimada, Y. Hayashi, K. Okuyama, S. Winardi, Modeling of and experiments on dust particle levitation in the sheath of a radio frequency plasma, Journal of Applied Physics, 97, 043306 (2005). Link
  3. Hayashi, Y., Shimada, M., Setyawan, H., Okuyama, K., and Kashihara, N., Effects of gas flow rate on particulate contamination in a PECVD reactor, Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan, 42, 105-109 (2005). Link
  4. Setyawan, H., Shimada, M., Hayashi, Y., and Okuyama, K., Removal of particles during plasma processes using a collector based on the properties of particles suspended in the plasma, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 23(3), 388-393 (2005). Link
  5. M. Shimada, H. Setyawan, Y. Hayashi, N. Kashihara, K. Okuyama, S. Winardi, Incorporation of dust particles into a growing film during silicon dioxide deposition from a TEOS/O2 plasma, Aerosol Science and Technology, 39, 408-414 (2005). Link
  6. Setyawan, H., Shimada, M., Imajo, Y., Hayashi, Y., and Okuyama, K., Characterization of particle contamination in process steps during plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition operation, Journal of Aerosol Science, 34, 923-936 (2003). Link
  7. Setyawan, H., Shimada, M., and Okuyama, K., Characterization of fine particle trapping in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor, Journal of Applied Physics, 92, 5525-5531 (2002). Link
  8. Shinagawa, H., Setyawan, H., Asai, T., Sugiyama, Y., and Okuyama, K., An experimental and theoretical investigation of rarefied gas flow through circular tube of finite length, Chemical Engineering Science, 57, 4027-4036 (2002). Link
  9. Setyawan, H., Shimada, M., Ohtsuka, K., and Okuyama, K., Visualization and numerical simulation of fine particle transport in a low-pressure parallel plate chemical vapor deposition reactor, Chemical Engineering Science, 57, 497-506 (2002). Link
  10. Altway, A., Setyawan, H., Margono, and Winardi, S., Effect of particle size on simulation of three-dimensional solid dispersion in a strirred tank, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 79, 1011-1016 (2001). Link
  11. Shimada, M., Okuyama, K., Setyawan, H., Iyechika, Y., and Maeda, T., Effect of pressure and gas feed rate on growth rate profile of GaN thin film in vertical MOCVD reactor, Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu, 26, 804-810 (2000).

By Lab Elkimkor

We belong to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia.

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