Skripsi seminar for B4 students

Rizka, Ina, Tigor, Winny, Kiki, Eka, Supri, Sabrina, Andar, Wangling, Irul, Ima, Yuni, Fanny, Dwi, Merry

Last week, our B4 students have successfully defended their thesis. On Monday, 24 June 2013, Shabrina and Eka defended the thesis entitled: “Hydrophobic silica coating from water glass on cupper by electrophoresis method”, and Ima and Dwi defended on “Increasing the amount of amine grafted on silica gel from bagasse ash by pore expansion using PEG templating.”

On Thursday, there were 4 groups defended their thesis. They were

  1. Wangling and Rizka defended: Electrochemical performance of Fe3O4/C nanocomposite as anode for Li-ion battery.
  2. Winny and Kiki defended: Preparation of thermal insulator of silica from waterglass using electrophoretic deposition.
  3. Fanny and Irul defended: Electrodeposition of hydroxyapatite-SiO2 composite for biomedical applications.
  4. Yuni and Merry defended: Synthesis of sulfonated silicas from waterglass by PEG templating for acid catalyst.

The last group that defended their thesis were Ina and Tigor, and Andar and Supri on Tuesday, 27 June 2013. Ina and Tigor defended: Synthesis of MnO2 nanoparticles by electrolysis of KMnO4 solution and Andar and Supri defended: Synthesis of silica-carbon composite from geothermal sludge.

Congratulations for all of you.

Skripsi proposal seminar and preliminary plant design exam


Today is the last day of skripsi (final task of B4 students) seminar for our B4 students. The seminar was held for one week from 6-11 February 2011. Eight groups (1 group consists of 2 students) of our students presented their research proposal that was commented by three examiners.

One week before, they had to defend their preliminary plant design in front of three examiners. However, only six groups defended their design. Due to some reasons, two groups will be scheduled next semester. Six groups were succesfully defended their plant design.

In the last one month, we were very busy preparing the exam. Now, all have been done smoothly. Let’s continue to complete our other tasks with our best effort. to obtain best results.

Yeye and Yudhis succeeded to defend their final task


Yesterday, Yehuda Natanael Sumarno (Yeye) and Yudhistiro Doddy Sadewo (Yudhis) succeeded to defend their final task entitled: “Synthesis of Fe3O4/C nanocomposite as anode material for Li-ion battery”. The examiners consist of Prof. Sugeng Winardi, Ir. Minta Yuwana, M.S. and Ir. Winarsih. Unfortunately, Ir. Winarsih could not attend the seminar due to her health reason (we pray for her health). The examination started at 1.00 p.m. attended by our students. Congratulations Yeye and Yudhis!