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Zarra and Intan succeeded to defend their thesis


Zarra successfully defended their thesis in front of three examiners (Prof. Ali Altway, Prof. Sugeng Winardi and Dr. Samsudin Affandi) on Thursday, 16 July 2013. Her thesis entitled: “Synthesis of sulfonate-grafted silica/chitosan membrane for proton exchange membrane”. She presented her thesis well and could answer most of the questions.

After being delayed for one day due to two of the examine had other duty, Intan also successfully defended her thesis entitled: “Coating of steel with nanosilica by electrophoretic deposition using pulsed direct current for corrosion protection.” However, one of the examiners (Prof. Suprapto) still could not come and the examination proceeded with only two examiners, Dr. Tantular Nurtono and Dr. Widiyastuti. She also presented and answer most of the questions well.

Congratulations both of you. Good luck and we hope God bless you.

Presenting papers on RSCE 2012

Zarra Miantina Putrie and Ni Made Intan Putri Suari, both are master students, presented their research work on Regional Symposium on Chemical Enegineering (RSCE 2012). RSCE is an important annual forum for academicians, researchers and professionals from both public and private organizations in the South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific regions. This year, the symposium was held at Bali, Indonesia, from 7-8 November 2012 that was organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Zarra presented a paper entitled: “Synthesis of Proton Exchange Membrane from SO3H-Grafted Silica Membrane in Production of Electrolized Oxidized Water (EOW)” and Intan was “Coating Steel With Nanosilica By Electrophoresis For Corrosion Protection.”

More information about this symposium can be obtained at http://rsce2012.its.ac.id/