We have seminar twice a month. In this seminar, students present the progress of their research work.

Saturday, 05 May 2012:

  1. Rizki/Zarra – grafting sulphonate on SiO2 as a substitue for PEM for EOW production
  2. Ifah/Ilmi – hydroxyapatite preparation by electrochemical using pulse DC
  3. Dewi/Yetty – silica gel production from geothermal sludge
  4. Yayan/Febriyan – amine-grafted silica from bagasse ash for CO2 adsorbent
  5. Dany/Ardya – sulfur coating on urea for slow-release fertilizer

Saturday, 21 April 2012

  1. Nazriati – preparation of SiO2 aerogel from bagasse ash using APD
  2. Rizka – magnetite coating on steel by electroysis-hydrothermal
  3. Ika – controlling pores of silica gel from bagasse ash during preparation
  4. Desy/Desi – Hydroxyapatite preparation by electrochemical method

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