Silica gel from bagasse ash

We have succesfully produced silica gel from bagasse ash (boiler waste of cane sugar mills) by a simple low-energy chemical method. We published the results on Advanced Powder Technology, a reputable scientific journal published by Elsevier BV on behalf of The Society of Powder Technology Japan. The method can be an alternative for the commercial process which is done by reacting material containing SiO2 with soda ash (Na2CO3) in a furnace at 1300 deg C (consume large energy), that may hinder sugar mills to process their solid waste.

Advanced Powder Technology, 20, 468-472, 2009.
A facile method for production of high-purity silica xerogels from bagasse ash
– Method: alkali extraction, acid precipitation, sol-gel
– Raw material: bagasse ash (waste of boiler in cane sugar mills)
– Product: silica gel
– Purity: > 99%
– Properties: mesoporous, amorphous, A = 69-152 m2/g
– Applications: adsorbent, desiccant

SEM image of silica gel

By Elkimkor

We belongs to the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember. We aim to advance chemical engineering education through research on processing natural resources by addressing issues on energy, biomedical, and environmental.

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