Final Presentation of Bachelor Students

Our bachelor students (20 students) have successfully defended their research works (skripsi) held on 4 (wed) – 10 (tues) July 2012 at the Department of Chemical Engineering ITS. They have worked hard during the last two weeks to prepare the presentation, including writing thesis, preparing powerpoint presentation, practicing the presentation, etc. Some of the students unofficially got job and some got scholarship to continue their study for master (NCKU Taiwan, France and ITB). Congratulations and good luck!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012
  1. Zarra Miantina Putrie/Rizki Pratama – Preparation of sulphonate-grafted silica membrane as proton exchange membrane
Thursday, 5 July 2012
  1. Ahmad Royani/Febryan Harmansyah – Synthesis of amine-grafted silica gel from bagasse ash by an in situ method
  2. Khoirul Dwi S./Yulia Azatil Ismah – Anodization of steel in basic solution for corrosion protection
  3. Laksmi Dewi/Yetty Sulastri – Synthesis of silica gel from geothermal sludge
Monday, 9 July 2012
  1. Reyhan Syaiful/Junita Magdalena – Synthesis of Ni-doped silica aerogel from bagasse ash prepared by ambient pressure drying method for hydrogen storage
  2. Desy Nurwijayanti/Desi Liah Marthasari – Synthesis of hidroxyapatite particles by electrochemical method using constant direct current
  3. Dany Pratama Putra/Meritia Ardyati – Sulfur coating on urea by spouted bed for slow-release fertilizer
Tuesday, 10 July 2012
  1. Nur Hamidah/Meta Fitri Rizkiana – Hydrophobic glass coated by alkyl-modified silica
  2. Noor Izzati Ilmi/Alifah Rahmawati – Synthesis of hydroxyapatite particles by electrochemical method using pulse-direct current
  3. Rian Intan/Ririn Kurniasari – Electrophoretic deposition of nanosilica on steel surface for corrosion protection.

By Lab Elkimkor

We belong to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia.

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